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The Tramlink transport system revived this historical form of travel when it opened in May 2000. At present the 28 km lines operate in South London. Old disused railway tracks have been adapted for tram travel with overhead cables providing the power. The Trams are quiet, efficient and all in all quite a success story. Passengers number 500.000 per week. Trams start as early as 04.43am and run until after 01.00 am. Detailed timetables can be found on www.tfl.gov.uk.

There are three lines with the following routes:

1. Croydon - Elmers End- Croydon
2. Beckenham Junction - Croydon- Beckenham Junction
( National Rail links at West Croydon/East Croydon/Elmers End/ Birkbeck/Beckenham Junction).
3. Wimbledon-Croydon-New Addington-Croydon-Wimbledon
(National Rail Links are at Wimbledon/Mitcham Junction/West Croydon/East Croydon) The District Tube Line also links at Wimbledon. If you are going to The Wimbledon Tennis the station you need is Southfields on the District Line. But it doesn’t matter much if you get off at Wimbledon.

Bus and Tram tickets can be combined using the Oyster Card.

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