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Meet Dave

Dave the London Taxi DriverSo you want to visit London, England? Not a bad idea, really. I live here and I like it. Well actually I LOVE it which makes me the right person to help you get acquainted with the city. And to further impress you with my credentials I want you to know that I am a London Taxi Driver and have been for a good portion of my life.I was not always a taxi driver, but few people are. I was born in a small town in the north of England, the wayward son of an itinerant shoemaker. Well actually my dad was a cotton mill worker but he dreamed of being an itinerant shoemaker. I  had higher ambition and planned to be a rock and roll star but as often happens my plans were waylaid by the realties of living in the real world such as eating, having a place to sleep and eventually supporting my family... well you really don't want to hear about that. You want to know about London.

London is a fascinating city with a history dating back to when the Romans arrived two thousand years ago when in fact London did not even exist, but was merely a collection of huts and hovels on the south bank of the River Thames. Many events have shaped London into what it is today and as the years roll by and new architectural styles change the overall appearance, London still retains its historical identity, its famous pageantry, secret places and oddities. As I am an Official London Guide it will be my pleasure to escort you on private tours of  London, during which you can ask as many questions as you like and stop to take photographs wherever you want to. There are various aspects of London life that can be incorporated into a tour with a particular theme. Whatever you would like to do just contact me at my email address below. I hope to meet you soon.

About London Taxis
Since the days of the horse-drawn Hansom Cabs there have been quite a few changes in the design of the London Taxi but with each successive model the London Taxi has continued to be recognised as a classic London icon.  The taxis are subject to the most stringent regulations to ensure that they are suitable for such rigorous daily work. The travelling public can therefore have complete confidence in the safety and quality of both the driver and vehicle. They are known locally as ‘Black Cabs’ but they can be any colour and that includes shocking pink with dots on as the surface can be used for advertising virtually anything.  

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